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Security Vtiger6

This tutorial is designed to explain different security measures offered by Simply CRM

128 bit SSL Encryption

All data transfer between the user machine to Simply server is secured by using industry standard SSL encryption.

Daily backup

Simply takes database and file backup of each client instance every day. This backup is stored on a separate server to protect against hardware failure. In case of such a failure, the service can be restored within 4 to 8 hours.

Security Patches

Simply team does preventive maintenance to protect against any known security vulnerabilities by deploying security patches as and when they are available.

Amazon’s Security Compliance

Simply CRM On Demand service is hosted on servers located in Amazon’s Data center. Additional information on Amazon’s security compliance can be found here .

Authorization and Access Control

Simply CRM supports role based access control that allows you to control users access to specific records in the CRM.

Where is my data?

Our servers are located in Amazon’s data center in the state of California, USA.

Who is able to access my data?

To provide prompt support, we make it possible for Simply support team members to access your data. However, we put in measures to ensure that this access is restricted to essential employees, and they only do so when you request assistance.

Can an intruder hack into my account?

Hackers usually try to find services that have weak security walls.
Simply QA team keeps working to find vulnerabilities within our software and when we do find any issues, we address them promptly. We also respond quickly when community members report any vulnerabilities.

While it is practically impossible to assure that the service is 100% secure, by taking the above measures, we make it difficult for any hacker to get into your account.